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You don't have to be in China to sell in China


If you are looking to sell or market your product in China, Emerald Green Consulting can help you get started. Contact us to arrange a consultation.


"You don't have to be in China to sell into China."

— felim meade, co-FOUNDER


For the past 3 years, Brian Goff and Felim Meade, co-Founders of Emerald Green Consulting, have been successfully marketing and selling into China, while working out of their office in Dublin, Ireland. They have grown their business from an idea and an ambition to conquer the Chinese market, to a successful multi-channel sales operation.


Our Beginning

Felim and Brian established their first China targeted business, Emerald Green Baby, in 2014.  They recognised a gap in the market and began to sell Irish infant milk formula into Hong Kong.  Since then, they have gained invaluable expertise in Chinese marketing and sales processes and are now offering this expertise to businesses who wish to create a presence in China.


“China is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. But to sell there, you will need a China expert”

— brian goff, co-FOUNDER


Our Service

To enable EU companies to quickly, efficiently and more importantly cost effectively setup, market and sell into the China, we have introduced our WeChat Shop Solution. The programme uses Emerald Green Consulting’s expertise to enable an entry point to access the complex Chinese market.


Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about Emerald Green Consulting's WeChat Shop Solution, you can contact us anytime, Monday to Sunday.  We can then organise a meeting to discuss your specific requirements. You will find our contact details on the Contact Us page.

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