Emerald Green Consultancy
You don't have to be in China to sell in China

The Programme

Emerald Green Consulting's China e-Commerce Access programme has 3 access types: Bronze, Silver and Gold, depending on your business' requirements.

WeChat Shop Solution

When entering any new market, businesses have to invest in marketing, building up awareness and forging consumer trust in their brands. However, because each business may have different requirements for sales and marketing, the WeChat Shop Solution is broken into 3 access types: Bronze, Silver and Gold, depending on the requirements of your business.



Ideal for businesses wishing to establish a corporate face in China and establishing a Wechat official presence without marketing or e-commerce functionalities.



Designed for businesses that have aspirations of selling online and marketing directly to the Chinese consumer.



Our full service offering, specifically designed for businesses that wish to establish an e-commerce strategy and want to directly market to Chinese consumers and engage with them to gain first-hand knowledge and market insight.

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