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You don't have to be in China to sell in China


Find out more about the services provided by Emerald Green Consulting to businesses looking to expand into China.

Our Services


When you look at entering the China market, there are some obvious barriers including language, trust, finding the right distributor / agent as well as understanding customs, regulations and the local currency.

However, there are also some barriers that are not so obvious. These include:

  • Understanding the Chinese unique online shopping ecosystem

  • Use of platforms - not websites

  • Use of China only payments - not credit cards

  • Chinese internet firewall

  • Social influencing and the effect on sales

  • CIQ requirements (customs)

  • General regulation issues

We will work with you from the outset to understand your business goals for the Chinese market, helping you to overcome barriers through our expert knowledge and support.

Emerald Green Consulting offer the following services to all our clients:

pre-entry market analysis

  • Product registration – CIQ

  • Brand competitor analysis

  • Market size and launch strategy

  • Localised Chinese pricing assistance

  • Trade mark registration assistance


  • Assist with fright forwarding to China

  • Facilitate customs clearance

  • Storage

  • Local Tax collection and payment

  • Last mile delivery

  • Fully trackable delivery notification (to customer)

  • Automated order notification (to Europe)

  • Customer service

market entry

  • Establish & register a WeChat official account (OA)

  • Translate, localise & design store

  • Build a WeChat store

  • Design and publish up to 4 x monthly articles in WeChat OA

branding & marketing

  • Create & post WeChat articles

  • Engage with influencers

  • Amplifying to create wave effect

  • Detailed metrics on KOL (influencer)

  • Weibo posts, amplification and promotions

  • KOL content localisation


  • Set up Wepay and Union Pay accounts

  • Establish payment gateway to EU

  • Facilitate payments from domestic Chinese consumers

  • Facilitate repatriation of sales revenue back to EU