For the past 5 years, Brian Goff and Felim Meade, co-Founders of Emerald Green Consulting, have been successfully marketing and selling into China, while working out of their office in Dublin, Ireland. They have grown their business from an idea and an ambition to conquer the Chinese market, to a successful multi-channel sales operation.

Felim Meade - Founder

Felim Meade 

After 3 years researching and selling on Chinese online platforms via Emerald Green Baby, I have set up Emerald Green Consulting with my business partner, Brian Goff.  Along with Brian, I now offer all my practical experience and ongoing sales knowledge to other "China ready" companies within the EU. Not only have we the knowledge of how to sell but we are continuing to retail, market and fulfil orders daily from our 3 Chinese based online stores. We are continuing to grow and expand our online presence and this continued evolution and growth can be passed on to client companies to assist them grow in the Chinese market.

Brian Goff - Founder

Brian Goff

As an accomplished and successful retail expert and entrepreneur, I have founded, managed and sold multi-million euro enterprises in the Food and Beverage sectors.  My key focus is always on achieving excellence in my business ventures - one of my co-owned restaurant businesses has twice been nominated Retail Excellence Ireland (REI) store of the year. Following a successful venture selling Irish infant formula into China, I am currently helping Irish brands get online and sell into China through Emerald Green Consulting, I have built a strong network of contacts and connections in China and visit the country several times a year.